How to Make Your Home Appealing to Buyers in the Winter- Christine Yang GTA Real Estate Agent

Real estate sales across the GTA tend to slow down in the winter months. Centimeters of snow and icy wind make looking for homes less than appealing. However, an appealing property for sale will always draw buyers out no matter the time of year. Here are a few tips for making your home appealing to buyers in the wintertime.


Make it Warm

There’s no better feeling than entering a warm home after being out in the freezing outdoors. Potential buyers may only be walking from their car to the house, but in the frigid winters that can feel like a mile! Being greeted by a warm home will make them feel welcomed and comfortable.


Keep Floors Clean

Between snow, ice, and salt our home’s floors take a beating in the wintertime. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending battle to keep the floors looking clean. While buyers will understand, it’s still a good idea to mop away any water spots or salt stains. Be sure to leave a mat by the door for them to leave their wet boots too!


Salt Walkways and Shovel

Slipping on an icy walkway is a quick way to put a potential buy in a bad mood. Make sure the walkway to your home is safe and clear. Shovel away any snow and salt so that the ice isn’t slippery. Don’t forget to put away the tool after too!


Put Away Winter Clothes

Torontonians are skilled in bundling up in the cold winters. Hats, jackets, scarves, and boots become wardrobe staples. Buyers may understand seeing all of this out in the open, but it can create a cluttered look that could signal a lack of storage. Put away all winter clothes and leave room for the buyers to hang up their coats!


Add More Light

Days are shorter in the winter and the amount of sunlight is also less. Gloomy grey skies can’t be avoided, but you can prevent your home from appearing dark. To compensate for a lack of natural light be sure to make your home appear bright by turning on all of the lights and opening up the curtains.


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