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Say goodbye to the numbers 4 and 13 in real estate! Richmond Hill recently announced they would be banning these unlucky numbers from real estate. These two numbers are rooted in superstition, and after years of granting individual requests to skip them, the city has decided to issue a blanket ban.


In Western cultures, the number 13 is notoriously unlucky. In Chinese culture meanwhile, the number 4 is unlucky, as it sounds similar to the word “death” in Mandarin and Cantonese.


Homeowners and real estate agents in the GTA have long been wary of these numbers. Real estate agents report that it’s more difficult to sell units in condos on 4th and 13th floors, with units sitting for longer and going for lower prices.


Now in Richmond Hill, these numbers will simply be skipped. Numbers containing 4 such as “14” and “24” will still be allowed. Those currently living with homes marked with 4 can apply for a suffix, such as 4A.


Some real estate agents warn this practice makes their job more difficult though. Marketing condos with missing floors can become confusing. A building may have floors going up to 32, but be missing floors. 4, 13, 14, and 24.


While Richmond Hill is banning these unlucky numbers, other communities in Canada are taking the opposite approach. Vancouver recently announced they would no longer allow homeowners or builders to apply to skip numbers. They cite safety concerns, as missing floors and units caused confusion for emergency responders. Edmonton also implemented similar regulations.


Richmond Hill has stated their ban was cleared by emergency services. Councillor Greg Beros who spearheaded the motion stated, “It wasn’t ideal but it was better than nothing was the consensus.”


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