Appeal to Buyers Five Senses With These Tips- Christine Yang Real Estate

It might be a seller’s market in the GTA right now, but that doesn’t mean you should try to appeal to buyers. People already know to make their home look nice, but appeal to the other four senses will help your home sell faster and for a higher price.



Sight is by far the most important sense to appeal to. How a home looks really impacts a buyers’ decision. The best way to make your home look nice is to clean, declutter, and depersonalize!



Smell is tricky, as you want your home to smell nice but too many artificial scents can make buyers think you’re hiding a bad smell. If you have pets open up the windows to air out the smell. Light some candles, bake some cookies, or put out some fresh flowers!



Taste can be tricky, after all, buyers aren’t going to go around tasting your home! The best way is to offer refreshments. Seasonally appropriate ones work best. So offer some lemonade in the summer or some gingerbread cookies in the winter.



We get used to the sounds our homes make, but they’ll be brand new to buyers. If there are environmental noises like a train or traffic, plan showings at quieter times. Also be sure to fix all the small noises like dripping faucets and squeaking doors.



Touch is another difficult one, as some buyers don’t go around touching everything. But by introducing texture to your home, buyers can visually feel it. Add a fluffy rug to the bathroom, toss a chunky blanket over the bed, or some fluffy pillows to the couch.


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