4 Cozy Features to Add to Your Toronto Home- Christine Yang Real Estate


When you’re looking to make improvements to your home, it’s always important to keep resale value in mind, even if you have no intention to sell. Luckily, thanks to Toronto’s icy winters, these cozy features are always hit with both buyers and homeowners. Here are a few ideas to add to your home to keep it warm all year round!



Not all homes come with fireplaces, unfortunately. If your home doesn’t have one consider, adding one. Toronto real estate agents find that buyers are always attracted to homes that have them. Whether it’s wood burning, gas, or electric, fireplaces are a hit. They’re not only aesthetically pleasing; they’re a great source of warmth during the cold Toronto winters.


Radiant Heated Flooring

One of the worst things is waking up and having to put your feet on cold flooring. Many people are opting to replace their carpet with hardwood or tile, but these materials can be cold to the touch even during the warmer months. Thankfully there are radiant heated flooring systems, which keep your floors at a warm temperature. Some people opt to put them all over the home, while others limit them to bathrooms. Either way, once you experience them you’ll never look back!


Fire Pit

Outdoor space is hard to come by in the GTA, and what’s even worse is that our long winters mean we don’t even get to enjoy it for most of the year. Consider installing a fire pit in your backyard though! They can be used all year round, are great for entertaining, and are really fun. The whole family will enjoy roasting marshmallows or drinking hot chocolate by the fire.


Steam Shower

If it’s time to upgrade your bathroom, consider turning your shower into a steam shower. A steam shower is a great way to relax after a long day, warm up when it’s chilly outside, or relax tense muscles. It’s also a popular feature for buyers! Steam showers can function as regular showers when you want them too as well!

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