10 Reasons to Buy and Sell With a Real Estate Agent- Christine Yang Real Estate


Trying to decide whether to go into it alone or work with a real estate agent? There is more to buying and selling a home than people often realize. Here are ten great reasons why you should hire a real estate agent!


1. Their Education and Experience

A huge reason to hire a real estate agent is that you gain access to all of their industry knowledge. There is a lot of little stuff about the real estate industry that you can only learn by working in the field. Online tools are great, but they’re nothing compared to the education and experiences a real estate agent can provide you.


2. Their Neighborhood Knowledge

Toronto has a lot of different areas, each with its own distinctive personality. Each of these neighborhoods also has it’s own market trends and make up. A real estate agent can provide you with valuable insight on any neighborhood such as things like comparable sales, crime rates, and local school ratings.


3. They Act as Shields and Buffers

The GTA has a red-hot real estate market, which means it can be a bit tough. When you hire a real estate agent they act like a shield, protecting you from poor offers and scammers. They’ll be your white knight guiding and protecting you through the whole process.


4. They Have Market Information

Professionals in the industry have access to information that you as a buyer or seller wont. Data such as market conditions, price per square foot, average sale prices, and days on market are just some of the things that an agent can inform you on.


5. Their Professional Networks

Real estate agents have an extensive network of other professionals they work with regularly. While most can’t give you outright recommendations due to liability reasons, they can give you insight as to who does good work and who has a poor reputation.



6. They Give Pricing Guidance

Pricing is key when it comes to buying or selling a home. Putting in the wrong offer or listing for the price can be detrimental. A real estate agent doesn’t make the final decision, but they can provide guidance. Their years of experience and local knowledge of the market are major resources that shouldn’t be underestimated.


7. They Provide Confidentiality and Negotiation

A real estate agent will be your face for the deal. They will negotiate to get you the best price. Because they’re doing all of the work, it also means you as a buyer or seller gets to maintain your privacy and remain confidential.


8. They Do the Piles of Paperwork

There is more paperwork involved in buying or selling a home than people realize. Purchase agreements these days can be over ten pages! One little mistake can land you in court or cause the deal to fall through. When you hire a real estate agent though they take care of all of that for you.


9.They Handle Your Questions and Answers

There will undoubtedly be questions that arise during the process. Instead of turning to Google, your real estate agent can answer them for you. So ask away!


10. They Build Future Relationships

Real estate agents usually work off of referrals, and many enjoy working with the same clients for years to come. Having a solid relationship with a real estate agent can be a blessing!


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