September 2018
10 Reasons to Buy and Sell With a Real Estate Agent- Christine Yang Real Estate
  Trying to decide whether to go into it alone or work with a real estate agent? There is more to buying and selling a home than people often realize. Here are ten great reasons why you should hire a real estate agent!   1. Their Education and Experience A huge reason to hire a...
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4 Items Outside of the House to Check Before Purchasing- Christine Yang Real Estate
  There is a lot to consider when buying a home from the number of bedrooms to whether the kitchen is large enough. While all the features inside the home and on the property are important, there are a few things that real estate agents recommend buyers look at outside of the house.   Neighbors...
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6 Things to Check Before Buying a Home- Christine Yang Real Estate
Buying a new home is both exhilarating and nerve-racking. It’s a whole new responsibility, so make sure you’re checking out these 6 items before going through with a purchase.   1. Electrical Panel Real estate agents always recommend that buyers look at a home’s electrical panel. Take note of any loose or frayed wires, whether...
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