March 2018
Condo Developers Aiming To Attract Families With Multibedroom Units
  Condo developers are finally addressing the “missing middle” housing crisis in Toronto. As home prices in Toronto continue to rise more buyers are looking for condos that have more bedrooms.   Condos in Toronto have been dominated by one-bedroom and studio units. In fact, in the past city planners urged developers to only set...
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Live Downtown? Your Sleep May Soon Be Interrupted
  City living comes with its share of compromises, and noises are apart of that. While Toronto residents may be used to sirens and car horns, they can soon add construction to that list.   Toronto’s mayor, John Tory, just announced that utility companies are now banned from conducting planned work on weekdays during peak...
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Renters Beware: “Own Use” Evictions Are Rising In Toronto- Christine Yang Real Estate
More and more Ontario renters are being served with eviction notices, and it’s not because they’re bad tenants. Landlords are serving under the pretense of “own use”, which allows the landlord to evict tenants in order to move themselves or a family member in.   Data collected by Social Justice Tribunals Ontario showed the number...
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Successful Open House Tips- Christine Yang Real Estate
Having an open house can be stressful; it’s never easy to open up your private life to the public. But open houses are a strategic opportunity to win buyers over in a short period of time. A good real estate agent will take care of their side, and these steps will help you hold up...
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